Corporate Sponsors

At Siesta Homes we have a proud tradition of looking beyond face value.

This vision, which is at the core of our company, has led us to team up with unique partners.

Though they range from high profile golfing celebrities to underprivileged children, they have something in common – a spirit of excellence and champion within.

Below are some of our partners

Soren Hansen

Soren Hansen is both a European Tour winner and former Ryder Cup player and fell in love with our development situated in the heart of the Andalusian golf valley. When in Marbella, Soren makes the most of his time enjoying the Aloha Hill Club with his family and perfecting his swing on one of the many renowned nearby golf courses. Soren’s humble and gentlemanly qualities underpins our philosophy of trust being a cornerstone of Siesta Homes.

Globeteam Siesta Homes Cycling

Cycling is not only a sport but a way of living. Our lifestyle award-winning developments located in the Costa Del Sol where the weather is mild all year round are magnets to those wishing to practice this sport. The amazing terrain together with Spain’s rich heritage in cycling makes it particularly appealing to northern Europeans. Siesta partnered with a Copenhagen cycling team whose drive and sprit of determination appealed to our way of thinking.

Campeones Junior

When a father’s desire to see his child play in a football team was crushed, he took matters into his own hands, rented a pitch and invited children to play for free. Within minutes he was surrounded by underprivileged and disadvantaged children with similar stories of not being included in their local football clubs. Pablo Reinoso decided not just to teach them football, but for them to discover their true potential within. And so started Campeones Junior. Siesta Homes is privileged to support these little champions.