Monte Elviria

Monte Elviria is an exclusive area in Marbella located in the province of Andalusia. In this natural reserve only 5% of the land is built on, in order to protect green zones. Before the 80s and before the first constructions taking place, there was just a forest, nothing else. One of the complexes that is built in the middle of a green zone is Oakhill Heights. It is a development with living spaces between 300-340 m². It is based on a concept of customized properties with a variety of options and of course it all comes with the highest standards available. During 2021 Oakhill residents will also have complimentary access to the future hill-top beach club. What strikes the eye when approaching this project is the tasteful Mediterranean style that has been carefully designed taking inspiration from the surroundings and literally radiates a healthy and enhanced lifestyle. 

Monte Elviria is just a stone's throw away from the coastline and the famous town of Marbella. The villas that are for sale in this part of the Costa del Sol are often a product of the owners’ taste, therefore the overall picture is a result of different units built in an individual style. All these properties have fantastic views and they offer plenty of privacy, representing an attractive option for those who want to be a bit off the hussle of a busy city such as Malaga. Those who buy in Monte Elviria will get a lot for your money and the size of most homes is generously located between 1-2.000 m².


Monte Elviria and Sierra de las Nieves 

The fact that the land is subject to building restrictions creates a unique and green setting, which is very rare on the Costa del Sol. This tends to set a relaxing mood for those visiting Monte Elviria, usually tourists come back after their first visit and many of them have their second home in this part of Southern Spain. The Sierra de las Nieves reserve is one of the best examples of respect for nature, indeed constructions are built around the beautiful flora and combine to maintain the environment in and around their constructions. 

On the slope of the Sierra de las Nieves and Elviria you can find the project The Oakhill, consisting of luxury apartments built and combined with natural elements. This exclusive residence offers a comfortable and tranquil living space while still being close to amenities. 


The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Monte Elviria is embedded in a UNESCO Biosphere reserve that is very special thanks to the Mediterranean humid climate and the mountain chain backing the coast stretch, which is the best guarantee for pleasant weather. The reserve consists of limestone mountains with rocks and lithologies, offering an impressive example of geologic diversity. These limestone mountains are located in the eastern region of Ronda with steep slopes, creating very deep valleys and a profusion of gullies, ravines and precipes. The landscape is shaped by profound caves and deep sink holes. One of these sink holes is considered the third deepest in the world with a depth of over 1.100 meters. Finally, also the fauna is considered as one of the UNESCO Biosphere reserve’s characteristic traits. You can find wildlife such as goats, roes, deers and wild boars. The birds of prey in the high and medium sized mountains are the Royal Eagle, the Benelli’s Eagle, the Booted eagle and the Peregrine Hawk.

As far as the vegetation 

The Mediterranean climate combined with the influence of the humid ocean air, have provided multiple bio-climatic layers and their associated vegetation. This grants the forest to contain a variety of tree sorts such as multiple species of Spanish Fir, Portuguese Oak, Cork Oak and Pine Wood.


In the vicinity of Monte Elviria

Monte Elviria has two top class international schools in its area. There is the German Hoffman College which is often referred to as “Die Deutsche Schule von Malaga” and the Bilingual Colegio ECOS, this school is teaching children in Spanish and English. Nearby there is also the village Ojén where the “Río Ojén” runs through. Inside this area belonging to Elviria, is the Hofsaess Tennis Academy which coached numerous grand slam winners. There are many other sports facilities close to Monte Elviria, such as the world-class golf courses and a local gym. Mountain biking and cycling through the scenic courses is something visitors can practice throughout the year and during the low seasons. 

Thanks to the growing infrastructure and the good connection, the area changed over the years becoming an interesting place for business owners too and not just for tourists. There are flights from Malaga Airport to every big city on a daily basis.

If you consider buying a property in Monte Elviria, you can find a good selection here