When the 6-day race kicks off in Berlin on Thursday 23rd January, Globe Team - Siesta Homes Group riders, Jesper Morkov and Niki Byrgesen will be amongst the professional riders taking part. The race provides the perfect opportunity for both Jesper Morkov and Niki Byrgesen to prepare for when the going gets tough on their home ground in Ballerup, Denmark.

Experienced rider Jesper Morkov, partnered with German Pascal Ackermann in Berlin, arrives at the race with confidence having won fifth place in Bremen. Niki Byrgesen, partnered with Mads Christensen, has only participated in one single 6-day race back in 2011, so this race should prove to be a great experience and a welcome break from his exams at home. Niki sums up his expectations saying,

"I’m really looking forward to a break from the books and I think it will be really cool to race in Berlin. I don’t have much experience with 6-day races, so I don’t know what to expect. I think I have a lot to learn and absorb, then of course I’ll seize the opportunities that arise, and we will see how far it goes. Fortunately, Jesper Morkov is here to give us support.  Jesper is so experienced, knows the game and has mastered all the practical aspects, so he will be a great help. I've always wanted to try to do a race in another country, so of course it’s super-cool to be in Berlin and it's a perfect prelude to the 6-day race in Ballerup, where of course I really want to do well”.

Before Niki and Jesper Morkov board the flight to Berlin, there are a few practical things to be done first, including a physiotherapist exam (as part of his studies) on Wednesday morning.