Every year, decade and century presents its own trends and popular aesthetic. From fashion to interiors, design plays a huge role in our lives. Interior design is key to making a house feel like a home, so it is vital that you choose décor that reflects your style and tastes.

Victoria Mola, Interior Design Director at Siesta Interior Design, shares her predictions for the forth coming year to help you choose the best interior design ideas, which she expects will be heavily influenced by Scandinavian aesthetics.

The tranquillity of colours

In 2019, home interior design will be all about using those neutral, earthy and subtle tones that make the home atmosphere warm and calm. Pastels are also a part of the trend and work hand in hand to complement neutral colours. Some of the colours we recommend for giving your home a sense of tranquillity include sage green, misty grey, stonewashed blue and soft apricot.

Using earthy colours in the home is an easy way to create a sensation of warmth and harmony. Colours such as mushroom, bark, terracotta, olive and deeper blues are perfect to create a balance in the home.

Bringing the earth inside

Scandinavian design is all about bringing elements of the earth and outdoors into the comfort of our own home. 2019 will be the year to go for it, the desire is to bring a sense of calm into our busy lives and to reconnect with nature through natural wood, furniture and detailing. Darker wood such as walnut, rosewood and mango wood will make an appearance in 2019.

Don’t forget the plants. Aloe vera, philodendrons, rubber plants and smaller palm trees are all perfect for indoors, they’re easy to care for and they make the home feel fresh. Some plant varieties will even work to purify the air around your home.

Creative walls

Deciding on the right colour, wallpaper and décor for the walls is crucial to make the home feel personal and comfortable. A trend that is becoming increasingly popular and will continue to present itself in 2019, is bold wallpaper. Create a feature wall with a wallpaper that stands out. Try something colourful and with prints from nature.

Decorating the walls will also make the home more personal and feel warmer. Actually, the trend in 2019 is to hang rugs, that would usually be used on the floor, up on the walls. A tip is to go for a statement rug, which will stand out from the rest of the room and lift the décor.

It isn’t only statement rugs that will influence our interior design next year, there is also the new and trendy décor of statement ceilings, the fifth wall. This will give you an option of keeping the walls all clean, whilst still having a memorable and fun room. Go for a different colour, a bold print or even choose wood to spruce up the ceiling of your home.

Siesta Interior Design

The team here at Siesta Interior Design hope that you feel as inspired as we do about these new and different trends that will give homes all around the world a new look. If you are intrigued by these ideas but don’t have the time to make the changes you want, Siesta Interior Design are standing by ready to assist you in any way possible.

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