This year, 2020, has been a strange time for everyone throughout the world and the phrase the ‘new normal’ is now in common parlance.  Speaking of the ‘new normal’, Andalucia is planning an ambitious new ‘eco-friendly approach’ to growing the region’s economy.

Andalucia is one of Spain’s largest economies, third only to Catalonia and Madrid and agriculture is the most important sector within the region. Although we tend to think of Andalucia firstly as a magnet for beach lovers, golfers and those who enjoy the beautiful natural outdoors, the all-year-round climate and beautiful landscapes in the swathe of southern Spain are also ideal for agriculture. 

It is the recovery of this sector that the Andalucian government intends to focus on. They also intend to adopt a range of green policies that will provide wide-reaching benefits, including the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the EU’s objectives for achieving a climate neutral Europe by the year 2050. 


Circular Economy

The government’s objective is to achieve a circular economy that is constantly restoring and regenerating, by changing the way we consume, use resources and deal with waste. This is different to the current ‘linear’ economy which assumes infinite resources and assumes an unlimited capacity to store waste.


Preserving Andalucia’s assets

Whilst we’re enjoying the sizzling sunshine, beaches and National Parks such as the Biosphere Reserve surrounding Siesta’s boutique development Oakhill Heights, it’s easy to forget that the coveted hot dry climate requires inventive initiatives in order to produce water and to protect the natural land and resources.  


1€ billion investment in Andalucia

The proposed eco-friendly initiatives require massive investment of up to 1€ billion and are expected to create an estimated 20,000 new jobs in the region.


A new Interdepartmental Commission on Climate Change and the Andalucian Climate Council will be responsible for implementing projects covering water purification, water infrastructure and drought relief (575€ million) and some 153 waste management initiatives which will require further investment of 447€ million.  Some projects will require funding from Madrid, such as the cost of transitioning power plants into renewable energy. In the drive toward more sustainable energy consumption throughout Spain, the plan is for all government buildings to run completely on renewable energy.  


In addition, funds will be available for reforestation and the conservation of natural spaces, which means that residents in the handful of luxury enclaves surrounded by National Parks, will be guaranteed their peace, privacy and spectacular views.


With such bold initiatives in place, Andalucia is set to become a beacon as one of Europe’s leading eco-economies.


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