The Costa del Sol has a lot to offer, besides miles and miles of beaches and many entertainment opportunities. However, there are also great expanses of unspoiled nature, beautiful countryside and spectacular mountains which are quite often overlooked. Here you can find a number of walking trails, nature reserves and picturesque villages just waiting to be explored.

Nature is in our DNA

As well as being breathtakingly beautiful, it has also been said that nature is part of our DNA and is scientifically proven to boost our mental health. At Deakin University, Dr. Lawson from the Health, Nature and Sustainability Research Group has said that there is evidence to suggest that being in the natural environment can make people feel calm, rejuvenated and provides them with a moment of spiritual fulfilment[1].

Numerous scientific studies prove that being amongst the trees has a positive effect on our mental and physical health. A study of 112 adults in Sweden concluded that walking amongst greenery led to decreased levels of aggression and lower blood pressure[2]. Another study from the University of Essex found that walking in nature actually reduced depression in 71 percent of participants, compared to only 45 percent of the control group (who took a walk through a shopping mall) recorded a positive effect. In fact, 22 percent of the control group actually felt more depressed! According to another study, spending 20 minutes outdoors each day will also boost our energy level[3].

Nature heals

Science has proved many times that being surrounded by nature is closely linked with mental health benefits. In some cultures, they actually use it as a way of healing. In Japan, they have ritual called “forest bathing”, which is also referred to as “forest medicine” because of its health benefits. Japan decided to spend millions to research the positive mental and physical effects of forest bathing and as a result recommended 48 therapy trails. The study established that activity in the human body’s natural killer cells (a cell in our immune system that can kill tumor and virus infected cells) increased for up to 30 days after spending just two days in the forest. The trip also made the cortisol levels fall, thereby reducing the level of stress[1].

Indulge in the nature the coast has to offer

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