Scandinavian design has become a very well-known term and it’s one of the most popular luxury interior design styles today. The beauty of Scandinavian design is that it is clean and stylish, yet homely and comforting. Simple, minimalistic, elegant, natural and intimate, and the perfect complement to the vibrant lifestyle of Spain.

Siesta Homes´ Interior Design department explains how to make a home personal, warm and beautiful with simple and elegant solutions, thanks to Scandinavian design influences.

The right surface creates the right feeling

Scandinavian design is simply perfect for anyone who likes a minimalistic look that can be mixed seamlessly with contrasting ideas and creations.

The surfaces are one of the most important elements in the home. Tiles, floors and walls will together create the dynamics of the home and it’s therefore important to choose carefully. Natural textures such as wood and stone are widely used in Scandinavian design, which is something that correlates well with the traditional marble in Andalucía. You could choose a different path to marble or tile to make the home warmer whilst staying with the Nordic design by choosing wooden floors. In Scandi design, pine, ash and oak wood are most commonly used. Light oak has become especially popular over the last few years.

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The walls should be given a natural, but cool colour for a simple and classical look. Light pastel colours are preferred, and it’s also very modern to have a feature wall with a different colour or print. In Andalucía, light walls and cool colours are ideal for the hot climate.

Ambient lighting makes all the difference

The bathroom, often the least exciting room in the home, can be transformed by choosing a subtle beige or darker tile to make the room feel personal and calm. There is no reason why a bathroom shouldn’t give you the feeling of being in a luxurious spa. The lighting also plays a huge role in how you feel in your home, which is why dimmers are a great option. If the ceiling height allows, downlights are an elegant way of making the room feel more intimate.

Soft furnishings heaven

Interior decorations such as furniture and decor play a big part in creating a warm and intimate home. Surfaces and furniture made from natural materials bring the home together, giving a feeling of balance and understated style. Natural textures work well when paired with opposites, such as white stone floors and wooden furniture or a white kitchen with black details.

The simplicity of the design, surfaces and upholstery gives you free rein to bring a touch of warmth into the home with your choice of fabrics. Matching the fabric for curtains, sofas and pillows can be fun and interesting, so let your imagination run free. To give your rooms the popular Scandi feeling of “hygge”, you can implement tried and tested designer tricks such as folding a wool blanket over arm of the chair or positioning multiple cushions on the sofa and chairs.

Less is always more

Refrain from cluttering your home, Scandi design is all about creating a clean and uncluttered space. A good tip for keeping the space tidy and sharp is to remove one thing; one less book on the shelf, one less plant or taking away a fabric throw.

Be bold

Don´t be afraid to flaunt your creativity. Although this design trend leans towards sleek white and beige, hanging prints that pop with colour or a retro design can bring some personality and make a focal point in an otherwise quiet room.

Siesta Interior Design

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