At Siesta Homes we have a proud tradition of looking beyond face value. This vision is at the core of our company and has led us to raise money for charities and other good causes. It`s an exciting opportunity to give something back to groups in our local community that are in need of help.

Campeones Junior was born from a father’s desire to see his child play in a football team. When he discovered that no one would take his child due to lack of skills, he decided to take matters into his own hands and hired a pitch, inviting children to play for free. Within minutes, children from all walks of life approached him to play, all of them with one thing in common; they had all been rejected from football teams for various reasons ranging from poverty to family problems. Many never thought they could ever be part of a football team.

Pablo Reinoso realised that there was a genuine need for these children to be incorporated into a team sport and to be valued not just by their peers and the community, but more importantly valued by themselves.

Pablo found much needed support and volunteers to instil an atmosphere of compassion, acceptance, and encouragement which was lacking in their lives. He started Campeones Junior, where every child is considered a Champion. A platform where under-privileged children are welcomed and aided to learn skills and build character that will help them to become productive citizens, family members and future leaders in the community.

Siesta Homes will be assisting Campeones Junior with professional help ranging from marketing to equipment and financial support and we are excited to witness our great champions flourish into the confident little winners they deserve to be.

If you would like to support our Campeones in any way you can, whether it be financial or material, we would be delighted to invite you to sponsor a champion.

Please call our Alzambra office on +34 952828443 for sponsorship packages.

Our Little Stars

In October 2014 at the Instituto Mediteranneo in Estepona, Siesta Homes presented Campeones Junior with their first ever football kit. After a short presentation, the local boys came running onto the pitch wearing their new kits and then showed off their football skills. The local UNG church volunteers kindly provided food, cake and refreshments and the day was very emotional for all who attended. “I’ve seen this grow from a handful of children to a spectacular event like this”, says Eddie Martinez, Siesta Homes. “The boys feel they are part of something special and there are now over 70 of them attending each week. One man´s dream has become a reality and I´m proud to play a part in it”.