Globe Team - Siesta Homes Group will hold a press conference on Monday 3rd February at 5.30pm, set against the stunning backdrop of the Thorvald Ellegård Lounge in the Ballerup Super Arena (Denmark). The event will be hosted by the team leader TV2’s sports presentorDennis Ritterand attended by two of the riders representing the team in the professional 6-day circuit.

During the presentation, information will be provided about the team’s vision and objectives and there will be ample opportunity to meet and ask questions to the riders , the sponsors and the people behind the team, including famous names like Lars Michaelsen, Jorgen Marcussen, Fritz Mogensen and other interesting personalities. Also present will be a  number of enthusiasts who are all passionate about the sport and are keen to help young riders get ahead.

There will also be a chance to view and talk about the team's top professional equipment, everything from bikes , shoes, helmets, clothing and other gear, and after the press conference it will be possible to enjoy the race and soak up the fantastic atmosphere.

Throughout the 6-day circuit Globe Team - Siesta Homes Group are sponsoring pair no. 4, Globe Team- Siesta Homes Group’s own rider Niki Byrgesen and his German partner Marcel Barth. Also representing Globe Team - Siesta Homes Group are pair no.14, Jesper Morkov paired by his Dutch partner Wim Stroetinga, who won in Bremen earlier this year and is tipped for top position and a strong challenger to pair no.7.