Marbella is famous for its outdoor lifestyle, but on the contrary to popular belief not all activities revolve around the world-class golf courses and beautiful sandy beaches. There are in fact many opportunities for walking, hiking, rambling and strolling along established trails. Let’s start with the most well-known landmark in Marbella – La Concha Mountain.


La Concha of Marbella

Part of the Sierra Blanca mountain range this magnificent symbol of Marbella stands proudly creating a picturesque backdrop to the town. Just 25 minutes from the very city center of Marbella. This experience is a must for those who enjoy nature and experiencing a unique perspective of this city, also called “Pearl of the Costa del Sol” that only few get to see. The Concha Mountain is not for beginners or families with young children. We recommend you to coordinate your first summit with an experienced guide because there are numerous paths and some parts of the climb are treacherous. This hike is not recommended for children under the age of 12.


Ermita de los Monjes Marbella

At its start, the path follows a stream to the remains of an old church until it reaches a panoramic point with great views to Marbella, Puerto Banús and across the Mediterranean Sea to Gibraltar on a clear day. Only a few kilometres away from the beaches of Marbella, this route will take you through the lush and humid flora of Sierra Blanca. After following the riverbed for a couple of kilometers, you will have to jump over - and sometimes through, depending on the season - natural pools and small waterfalls. The hike around the Ermita de los Monjes is rather easy and takes around 2 hours if you want to complete a nice path. The total distance you hike will be around 5km. You will walk along a beautiful river stream, that at a certain point is divided into 3 different rivers: Arroyo Calaña, Arroyo de los Monjes and Arroyo Guadalpin. We will refer to it as Arroyo de los Monjes because we are going to cross it through its central part, the closest to the Hermitage of Los Monjes. The hike can be done at any time but after heavy rain you might find the crossing of the river difficult due to high water-level and the absence of bridges. Late spring April/May it is the time you will see wild orchids in bloom. If you are looking for a colorful trail to hike with a lot of different wild flowers you should consider hiking Ermita de los Monjes around the spring or summer.


Mirador de Juanar

This trail is also a fascinating way to explore nature and see interesting sights of the area. Just 1 kilometre away from the parking there is an exquisite panoramic point with great views of the nature surrounding it all. The trail is filled with pebbles and provides a great look over the city and the beach. This natural setting is also housing an interesting fauna such as predator birds and local wildlife, you can hire a local tour guide to scoop out the area and look for these creatures, if you are lucky you will be able to take pictures of them. A very popular feature of the Mirador de Juanar is that it has multiple pathways you can take and each and every one of these paths provides an amazing and different sight.
Viewpoint Corzo

This location is easily accessible with any vehicle but it is said to be a bit more challenging compared to the Mirador de Juanar. This trail leads up to a massive panoramic view from the mountains all the way towards the ocean. The fresh mountain air with a slight touch of sea breeze is considered a key element of the relaxing and satisfying trail of this mountain. On weekdays it is mostly quiet and gives you a more secluded feeling and some break from the busy city and all that it brings with it, this is excellent to blow off some steam or to relax for a moment. The trip from the parking up to the viewing point is a bit shorter than expected, but if you like hiking you won’t mind, since luckily the temperature is pleasant even during the summer. The total route could take up to an hour if you start with the most left trail towards the viewing point and afterwards take the other route back. On your way along this trail you’ll find things such as wooden huts, pebble filled pathways and paths filled with rosemary and other aromatic flora.

Barranco Blanco

Previously you could discover this path mostly by car but now it is mandatory to simply walk the hiking path. This hiking path is shaped by nature and mostly left to natures changes, pathways which change shape after rainstorms. This trail is more touristic and therefore a bit more crowded by others in comparison to the two previous hiking paths. You can either choose to walk up towards the river or follow it downwards. On the top there is a waterfall, leading to a natural basin, where you can swim. Many locals tend to camp in the vicinity of this area and you can do this if you would like to experience the nature by yourself. The waterfall also is an amazing scenic sight to see and a whole experience to swim along.


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