When decorating your house you should bear in mind that your personality and experience ought to be present also in your furniture. What do we mean with that? Each color or type of furniture tells something about you. For example, if you are seeking a cozy feeling in your home you might be looking for more wooden and rustic furniture. There are so many different ways to decorate a house and the issue should be taken seriously, after all it is your home.


Where does the current Mediterranean style trend go to?

The traditional Mediterranean style using strong colors and local materials has already been replaced a while ago by a more sophisticated design, that uses just some of these traditional elements. Siesta Homes boasts a long history and a profound knowledge of interior design, not only providing the right furniture for clients from many different countries but also creating a distinctive lifestyle. Some of the furniture & deco packages we have installed in their houses can be categorized as “Iconic touches, Northern Chic, Maximalist Exuberance, Cool Mediterranean and Minimalist Modern”, while others are a mix of different elements and trends. The type of design you use in your home needs to blend in with your personality: first of all you have to be able to set your mind free and relax, this means that you won’t be stressed out at home and enjoy your furniture and design. This idea is based on a Zen-inspired concept, where furniture and decoration are more than just objects, indeed the combination of lines, size, colors and light is crucial for the overall result in terms of harmony. What is also important is that you need to feel at ease and balanced in your house, as if the living space was an extension of your mind, expressing your character and reflecting your soul.


How can you create this unique feeling in your home?

Siesta Homes & Design offers a complete furniture packages that include also decoration and other complements, the full project is carried out after studying the personality, taste and habits of our clients. Furthermore, we like to arrange everything for you and on request we can take over the full project management even of building work and the installation of luxurious extra features, such as entertainment rooms, home cinemas, wine cellars, bars and home automation systems. The main goal of the project managers is to work hand in hand with the customers to create the design style that they want. Interior and exterior designs add value and ambience to your house and they reflect your personality as mentioned before.

There are many types of ambiances and not every style fits everyone. White and neutral tones transmit a chic and elegant tone, while intense graphic motifs add a modern urban touch to it. Rustic or classically inspired elements create a sense of peace and cozy home, this concept could be expressed with the Spanish word “hogar”. The furniture you have inside your house is special because it isn’t just a reflection of your personal aesthetics but it also show in what type of ambience you feel happy in. The style of interior design should not be confused with fashion, fashion represents a certain moment but the style is forever.


The style of Marbella – a curious mix

While the Mediterranean house style is considered the most popular in Marbella and the types of furniture & design inspired by it are those who dominate the local stores. Siesta Design aspires to bring a new mix to the table and make certain styles more coherent with the Spanish architecture, such as Scandinavian style.

There’s something about Scandinavian decor that people can’t get enough of. That’s why it’s worth looking into the origins of this growing Nordic trend. As you know, Scandinavia is comprised of three Northern European countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. While some people mistakenly include Finland and Iceland in this definition as well, they’re not actually Scandinavian countries. Now the real question is what are the main elements in the Scandinavian style? Scandinavian design is focused on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Part of what makes it so aesthetically pleasing is its lack of clutter. You won’t find any superfluous items in Scandinavian styled rooms. Scandinavians also deeply value nature and spending time outdoors, something that is reflected in this style. Nordic designs often play with natural light which is a hot commodity in Nordic countries. Wooden floors tend to remain uncovered and lighter wooden tones are frequently found in Scandinavian homes. And, of course, real plants are a popular choice when it comes to really bringing the outdoors in. Light plays an important role in the Scandinavian style. Simple silver candlesticks are therefore just as important as several light sources spread throughout the room. Cushions and carpets often have typical motifs from the north or graphical patterns in contrasting colors such as black-white or green-white.

On the other hand, the Mediterranean style is characterized by simple and romantic aesthetics of Southern European countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece and Morocco. This design tends towards colors inspired by the sun. The key to recreating the atmosphere of this style is the correct selection of the color for walls, flooring, furniture and fabrics. Looking for inspiration in the blue, turquoise, lavender shades of the sea, flowers and plants, the sands of the coast, and the cloudy sky. Interior design in the Mediterranean style allows for ceramic tiles floors that can be warmed with a soft mat. It is also possible to use laminate wood or rough bleached wooden planks just like the Scandinavian style.

When choosing accessories, you should remember that they must be functional, otherwise you risk to overload the interior with unnecessary details. The Mediterranean style is known for its beauty, functionality and conciseness. Remember that luxury is not always expensive. Rustic, colorful European furniture and accessories create the exact Mediterranean design you're looking for in the home. The key feature in Mediterranean style rooms are stucco walls and terra-cotta tiles or stone floors.

At the end of the day, looking at their inspirational principles, Mediterranean and Scandi style are actually very similar. Both are focused on bringing the outdoor to the indoor in subtle ways and both focus on keeping it nice and simple. That’s why a lot of houses in the area of Marbella have a mix of the Mediterranean style and the Scandinavian style because they are so much alike and resemble the same energy.

If planning to decorate your home and need some help and inspiration, contact our team of Siesta Design.