If you haven’t yet considered investing in real estate, now could be a great time to take a look at the opportunities available and the potential returns. When thinking about the best place to invest your money, your first thought may be to check out the range of properties in Marbella, in particular villas and apartments located close to the beach. Yet Marbella has so much more to offer than beachfront property, which is why savvy buyers are looking inland for investment opportunities.

In recent times, inland property has become a much more attractive investment. With people keen to escape the negative effects of city living, such as air pollution, noise and the overall fast pace of life, there is a growing tendency to turn to the countryside for solace and a better quality of life. Whether your investment would provide you with a permanent home, a rental opportunity or an asset to be sold later, inland developments are definitely something to think about.

One of Marbella’s most tranquil inland locations is Monte Elviria, where Siesta Homes is offering a limited number of contemporary properties, each with spectacular features.

Oakhill Heights is situated in one of the UNESCO biosphere sites, a protected environment where construction is only permitted on 5 percent of the land, guaranteeing exclusivity for residents and owners. Compared with other inland developments, The Oakhill Marbella has attractive pricing and offers the potential for substantial price rises in the future.

This location offers the best of both worlds, away from the bustle of the city, yet with access to all of the desired facilities, such as bars and restaurants. Other amenities include an exclusive hillside beach club, gym and a good quality school nearby. Those who fancy sunbathing by the sea or taking a walk along the coast, can take the short 7-minute drive to the beach.

Whether you are looking for an investment or buying your dream Marbella home, The Oakhill Heights will exceed your expectations. These stylish semi-detached houses and townhouses with huge living spaces, terraces and gardens can be customised to suit your specific taste and requirements. You decide whether you would prefer a terrace pool or Jacuzzi, Zen-style or landscaped garden and much more. This boutique resort invites residents to enjoy spectacular panoramic mountains and the sea views and peaceful surroundings, two of the most highly prized ingredients for a relaxing way of life.

Are you interested in this opportunity? Contact the Siesta Homes team and we´ll help you to find your perfect investment opportunity or new home.