If you own property in Spain, you’ll need to be aware that a new law (RD 235/2013 of April) was passed in April, which came into effect this month, requiring all owners to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate before a property can be offered for sale or rent.

As from the beginning of June, both private sellers and real estate agents must display the relevant certificate on all properties listed, unfortunately there is no way around it, all advertisements must display an energy label, and failure to comply could result in a fine, and just as important, you will need the document to complete a sale at the Notary Public.

The certificates will be valid for 10 years, and must be issued by the authorised agents; architects, surveyors or engineers, who will rate the property on its energy efficiency and energy saving qualities on a scale of A to G, with G signifying the least efficient performance.

Properties the law affects

All types of building, dwelling or premise that are to be sold or leased will be affected - with the following exceptions:

  • Places of worship
  • Buildings smaller than 50m²
  • Industrial and agricultural buildings
  • Temporary buildings (must exist less than 2  years)
  • Rental properties, available for less than 4 months

Whether you’re selling your property or not, the certificate can be a valuable tool for identifying potential energy saving opportunities. To obtain a certificate, a technician we need to visit your property, to inspect the construction, lighting, water heating, blinds, awning, heating etc. The resulting certificate will provide a description, information about typical energy consumption, energy reduction and cost effective recommendations, and of course the energy rating.

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