Interior Design Ideas


More atmosphere, more warmth, more fun. Let's start the cold season with a bit of inspiration, we want to help you transform your home into a cozy haven of tranquility and harmony where you can feel at ease after a long day out.

Can’t wait for the wonderful winter evenings? Staying inside on your XL-couch under a blanket, we're sure you love that too!

Because who doesn’t feel like disappearing under that blanket?

Adding a cozy touch to your house seems to be an easy thing, but it's a bit more complicated  because a good balance is very important to reach a great result.

In this blog we will give you tips that might come in handy!

Let’s start.


Warm colors


Use warm colors. Think of red, purple or orange. These colors give a warm and snug feeling, if that is what you want to create. For example, you can paint a wall in one of these colors and if you want to create a unique look, add some accessories. These are easier to change than a wall you painted! Use wood in your interior to quickly get a warm feeling. The warm colors are associated with peace and comfort and give a natural look. You also use and combine many different types of wood. Take a good look at what fits best to your home.

Fragrances and scents are very important and we often associate scents with an event or period. For example, get a nice scented candle or scented sticks that remind you of a cozy home.

Comfortable seating furniture, such as a nice, beautiful sofa or a good armchair certainly ensure that your interior can become warm and cozy. Also consider the material of the sofa or armchair. For example, choose a soft fabric such as velvet or cotton. This also offers extra comfort!




To make a house cozy, it is useful to choose soft atmospheric light.

During the day you have light from outside and you do not need bright light. Therefore choose a nice floor lamp and place it next to your sofa, that's the spot where you will spend your evening when at home.

This is the best way to optimize light distribution and to create a homey feeling.


Choose a rug


Last but not least… a rug! To top it all off, a rug is essential. It looks cozy and adds a warm touch to each and every home, but it also feels good on your feet. The perfect combination for a rug has warm tones, but is also light in color to keep it in balance with the rest of the interior.

And.. always remember that: you can combine all furniture well with each other and that way you can put together a whole new interior. So much fun!

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