Siesta Homes’ boutique luxury residential development ‘Oakhill Heights’ has been named as the winner of the European Property Award in the category Residential renovation/redevelopment Spain.

The International Property Awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in the residential and commercial property sectors all over the world. The awards are split into different regions across the world and judged by a panel of 100 experts, and to be named as a winner is a much-coveted acknowledgment of the company’s standard of excellence.

Why is Oakhill Heights so highly regarded? One of the unique features that singled out this prime Marbella real estate for a prize is its superb location. Oakhill Heights nestles amongst 300km² of Natural Park land designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, yet is just 7 minutes’ drive from the coast.

Contemporary spacious homes

The property development is an exclusive private enclave of only fourteen 3 and 4-bedroom multi-level luxury semi-detached homes and townhouses. Floor plans boast extremely generous living spaces measuring up to 340m² and extensive terraces and large gardens.

Move-in ready in just 4 months

As a redevelopment project, Oakhill Heights has all licenses in place and the development is underway, thereby the delays often associated with off-plan are avoided. Owners have the opportunity to customise their property with a number of options, such as adding a Jacuzzi, roof terrace or Zen style garden, and still receive the keys within just four months!

Building limited to 5 percent of land

The Natural Park is a protected area, only 5 percent of the land can be built upon, thereby preserving the landscapes, ecosystems, including native animals and plants, whilst guaranteeing continued uninterrupted views of the Ibex mountains, cork, and pine forests, and peace and quiet of the countryside.

Extra income for owners

Oakhill Heights owners are given the opportunity to include their property in the Siesta Boutique resort portfolio, thereby generating additional rental income. If unoccupied for a certain amount of time, this is a great way to off-set annual ownership costs and generate an additional income stream.

Identifying opportunities

As one of the longest established property developers in Marbella, Siesta Homes occupies a niche in the market for both property development and redevelopment construction. The success of the company is based on Founder and Director Mortem Remo’s passion for identifying properties with exceptional potential and then taking them to the next level.

For more information about the award-winning Oakhill Heights development visit the website, email: or call: +34 952 82 84 43.