2017 was a remarkable year across the globe, with Britain triggering ‘Article 50’, signalling the beginning of the controversial ‘Brexit’, global growth accelerated and stock markets continue to hit record highs. 2017 was an exceptional year for Spain too. Before December tourism numbers were counted, figures from 2016 had already been eclipsed.

Impressive Figures

Between the beginning of the year and November, 77.8 million international visitors made the trip to Spain, more than the 75.6 million visitors during the entirety of 2016.

The total figure for 2017 is likely to be above 80 million after December figures have been counted, according to Spain’s National Institute of Statistics. This estimate shows a growth of 5 million tourists since 2016, a 6.25% increase.

Northern European Tourists Dominate

British tourists continue to dominate the figures, a staggering 18 million chose Spain as their holiday destination, 23% of the total figure and a 7% increase on 2016. Tourists from Germany made up 14.6%, with French tourists making up 13.7%. These numbers the importance of tourism to Spain, and it is estimated that there will have been a 40% increase in tourism by the end of this decade.

The tourism boom remains a huge contributor to the Spanish economy, with the most recent data showing tourism was responsible for 11.1% of the country’s GDP.

Here’s to an equally remarkable 2018!


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