Andalucía is home to as many as 16 Michelin-starred restaurants, where it’s possible to experience amazing gastronomy from the one side of the region to the other. Siesta Homes various developments are located across Andalucía and offer tranquil environments with amazing views and exclusive complementary facilities, perfect if you want to live amongst all of these amazing restaurants. Read on to find all about the Michelin-starred restaurants here in Southern Spain, starting with El Chef del Mar who has 4 Michelin stars to his name.

Three stars

Aponiente – el Puerto de Santa Maria (Cádiz)

Angel León (Chef del Mar) is the owner of the restaurant Aponiente which is located in the town el Puerto de Santa Maria, in the middle of Cádiz and Jerez de la Frontera. The restaurant sits on an old tide mill that was built in 1815. Since 2016 he has been the director of Michelin-starred restaurant Alevante, which earned him his fourth Michelin star. In 2017 the restaurant Aponiente earnt its third star, which makes its Andalucía’s first three-starred restaurant. Angel has the nickname “Chef del Mar” because he is specialised in experimenting with seafood dishes. At Aponiente, they offer two menus; The Groundswell menu and the Calm Sea menu. Best thing is, it’s only two hours away from Marbella.

Two stars

Dani García – Marbella

Dani García, a restaurant located in the luxurious Marbella Hotel Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa is run by the famous two Michelin-starred chef, Dani García. Dani combines local ingredients with more international cuisine. He is one of the Andalusian chefs with the most promising international career and the first chef in Andalucía with two Michelin stars. This amazing chef is often referred to as a “craftsman of flavour”, because of his amazing gastronomic talents, which also has given him the opportunity to win over 30 different awards. The restaurant has one carefully selected tasting menu with amazing dishes and a regular menu allowing the customer to choose from a variety of beautifully crafted dishes.

One star

Choco – Córdoba

With master chef Kisko García in the lead, a group of talented chefs create amazing cuisine at restaurant Choco in Córdoba. Kisko started cooking on the stoves in his family bar and has been cooking amazing dishes ever since. The renewed concept of Choco started in 2016 and is based on the fundamental pillars of; tradition and family, Andalusian culture, avant-garde innovation and sustainable and regional produce. They offer two menus, the Kisko García which consists of 17 dishes and Barrio Antiguo which has 14 dishes, both excellently paired with wine. Choco is 2 hours away from Marbella by car.

Noor – Córdoba

At the age of 14, chef Paco Morales started to work in a family restaurant, and now he is a Michelin-starred chef with the amazing restaurant Noor, in Córdoba. Noor is Paco’s personal project, combining the finest cuisine one can imagine with the history of Al-Andalus. He started creating cuisine from the 10th century, and now every season is a new century. They are currently closed whilst creating the menu for the 12th century and open again in September. The restaurant opened in 2015 and got its Michelin star just two years later in 2017. Noor restaurant quickly became a popular destination, but that’s no surprise when the restaurant has been mentioned in publications such as Forbes, GQ and The New York Times. Noor is also 2 hours away from Marbella by car, so you can combine a little road trip with fine dining.

La Costa – El Ejido (Almería)

With master chef Jose Alvares in the lead, the restaurant La Costa offers dishes created with fresh ingredients from the sea of Almería and vegetables from El Ejido. The restaurant actually opened in the 60’s and has had a Michelin star since 2006. La Costa has different environments, a gastro bar to enjoy tapas in and a restaurant with private dining rooms and a main room to enjoy a more tranquil dinner. Offering a menu with selections of starters, meat, fish and desserts made with passion and of the highest quality. A 2-and-a-half-hour drive from Marbella but to eat here is definitely worth it.

Abantal – Sevilla

Restaurant Abantal in Sevilla earned its Michelin star in 2014, with chef and co-owner Julio Fernández Quintero carefully creating beautiful dishes acclaimed worldwide. He was named Best Andalusian Chef in 2005. The restaurant uses local ingredients in traditional or reinvented recipes that represent Sevilla and Andalucía, but also taking inspiration from Arab cuisine. They offer two menus, the Daily Chef with 10 dishes and Grand Daily Chef with 13 dishes. They also offer seasonal cuisine, personalized catering, master classes, cooking demonstrations and commercial demonstrations. Sevilla is located approximately 3 hours away by car from Marbella, but is also considered one of Spain’s most beautiful cities, so why not combine a weekend trip with an Abantal visit?

Alejandro – Roquetas de Mar (Almería)

In Almería, or more specifically Roquetas de Mar we find the restaurant Alejandro, run by a chef of the same name. Passionate about the sea and all it has to offer; this restaurant is based on a respect for the ocean´s raw materials and entwining the tradition of Almería cuisine. They offer a regular menu with dishes to choose from and three tasting menus. The Classic Tasting menu with 10 dishes, the Grand Tasting menu with 12 dishes and the “Menú Ejectivo”. On their website it is possible to see how they spend their day working; such as going to the fish market everyday to get the freshest products. In similarity to La Costa, you can find Alejandro a two and a half hour drive from Marbella.

El Lago – Marbella

Under restaurant manager Paco García at El Lago, we find 33-year-old master chef Juan José Carmona. He is dedicated to using local produce and ran restaurant Girol in Fuengirola with his family. At the age of 17, Juan José worked with Michelin star chef Dani García and after this he has worked with Michelin star chef Benito Gómez. Together with the rest of the team at El Lago, Carmona works hard to evolve and boost the cuisine of Andalucía. The restaurant offers as many as four menus; two testing menus, one regular menu where the customer chooses the dishes and one Midi menu.

Skina – Marbella

Chef Marcos Granda opened the restaurant with his wife at the age of 28 and received the Michelin star at the age of 33. At Skina, it is all about the customer; it’s important that they feel at home and satisfied. The products used are of the highest quality from the local area, and you can read about all of the producers on their website. Their mission is to include all of the local charm and qualities in their creativity whilst experimenting with the art of gastronomy. They offer two menus, a seasonal product menu with 7 dishes and the A La Carte menu, where the client chooses between different dishes.

Messina – Marbella

Messina is owned by the French chef Mauricio Giovanini and his wife Pía Ninci and is located on the main street of luxurious Marbella. The menu changes seasonally but consists mainly of fish dishes, other marine products and local products. People come from all over the world to dine at Messina. There are three menus to choose from; the Regular menu where you choose your own dishes, a Tasting menu with 9 dishes and the Messina menu with 12 dishes.

Sollo – Fuengirola

The “Chef of Caviar”, Diego Gallegos runs the restaurant, Sollo, in the Reserva del Higueron near Fuengirola. Diego has created a gastronomic laboratory that is open to those who want to experience his creations. As well as indulging in the menus, you can attend workshops and master classes. There are two menus, the tasting menu; Caminho 2018 and the extended tasting menu; Caminho Longo 2018. Sollo also offers a variety of caviar tastings. Everything can be paired with selected wines. This amazing restaurant is located less than 40 minutes away from Marbella!

José Carlos Garcia – Málaga

Chef José Carlos García’s parents owned a restaurant, and it was here that he discovered his love for gastronomy. He has since opened his own restaurant at the port in Malaga, a beautiful location with lots of windows and a view of the boats and the sea. The José Carlos García experience takes you through flavours and aromas from Malaga, where sea and land intertwine. The tasting menu consists of 19 dishes, with lots of different exciting products and ideas. Finding a more varied menu than this one will be difficult. Jóse Carlos Garcia is located less than an hour away from Marbella, but visiting the restaurant still offer a perfect opportunity to finally explore the beautiful city of Málaga.

Kabuki Raw – Finca Cortesín, Casares

With chef Luis Olarra in charge, we find the restaurant Kubaki Raw of the Kubaki Group in Casares. The only restaurant on this list that does not keep its main focus on Andalusian cuisine, but instead combines Japanese and Mediterranean culture.  The restaurant is located close to hotel Finca Cortesín, which is named one of the most luxurious hotels in the world by numerous international publications. The restaurant opened in 2013 and received its Michelin star in 2015, which is the fourth star the Kubaki Group has earned. Kabuki Raw doesn’t offer a set menu, so you can choose whatever your palette may desire. The dishes are beautifully created, and you can find dishes such as wild shrimp tortillas and garlic and almond soup. At Kabuki Raw, you will receive gastronomic and environmental luxury from the second you arrive. Experience this amazing place 45 minutes away from buzzing Marbella.

Acánthum – Huelva

After working all over Spain for great chefs like Juan María Arzak, chef Xanty Elías decided to open restaurant Acánthum. He had a desire to go into the gastronomic legacy of his province, Huelva. Xanty Elías uses the products close to the restaurant, and you are therefore transported back into his childhood, with dishes such as “Tuna with tomato from my mother”. There are two menus to choose from, either the Menú Saltés with 10 dishes or the Menú 100% Emoción #Verdadverdadera with 14 dishes. This restaurant is located a bit further from Marbella, approximately 3 and a half hours away. Maybe visit it on the way to or from a holiday to beautiful Portugal?

Bardal – Ronda

After ten years as a chef in the tapa bar Tragatá, Benito Gómez from Malaga decided to go one step further and opened the restaurant Bardal, based on his wish to create new sensations in a bigger and more spacious kitchen. In Bardal he works with a young and enthusiastic team to create amazing dishes with products they get from the market the same day. The gastronomic experience is inspired by Andalusian recipes but combined with the techniques and creativity of Gómez. There are two tasting menus, created with seasonal local products, which makes every dish an art. The menus may change due to the freshness and availability of the products, but you won’t be disappointed either way.  You can choose between the Tasting Menu Bardal that consists of 16 dishes and the Large Tasting Menu Bardal which is 20 dishes. Both menus can be accompanied by wine selections. In the restaurant, the architecture and decor are carefully selected, and the whole experience will be a treat in every way. It is definitely worth visiting this beautiful city and restaurant, only an hour away from Marbella!

Alevante – Chiclana de la Frontera

Alevante is located in the only 5-star hotel in Cádiz: the beautiful seaside hotel Meliá Sancti Petri. The restaurant is directed by the amazing chef Ángel León, which goes under the nickname “Chef del Mar” because of his focus on the ocean. The restaurant´s food is based on the best dishes from Ángel’s restaurant, Aponiente. Alevante opened in 2016 and got its Michelin star as early as in 2017. The two menus consist of amazing gastronomic dishes, the Grand Menu Alevante consists of 20 creative dishes and the Select Menu of 16. Many of the items on the menus are Ángel’s famous dishes, such as Plankton Butter and Sea Sausage. With the hotel located on the seaside, Alevante prides itself in using zero kilometre produce and takes advantage of the specialities the sea offers. The menu can be accompanied by a Wine Harmony menu, carefully selected by sommelier Juan Ruiz Henestrosa. Chiclana de la Frontera is located two hours away from Marbella.


Quite a spectacular list, is it not? If you want to live in a place that is surrounded by Michelin-starred restaurants, check out our website for the latest property listings and our developments.