According to a recent survey by Rightmove Overseas property portal, the UK considers Spain to be their number holiday hotspot.  So far so good but not really earth shattering news as Brits have been flocking to the Costas for many years due to the tempting combination of year-round sunshine, blue skies and short flying time.

Reading further, it becomes apparent that this is merely the prelude to the real news, that UK investors have been spurred into action by property price reductions of up to fifty per cent in the popular coastal regions, compared to the high prices in the boom times of 2007. The reason for the sudden investment activity is due to an expectation that as the Spanish economy grows property prices will increase.

This is particularly pertinent, as more than sixty per cent of overseas property investors polled for the report, stated that returns have been higher than expected and reasonable rental yields are an important factor in their decision to invest abroad.

Rightmove are quoted as saying, “Properties on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca seem to be the most sought after with Rightmove Overseas receiving an average of 500,000 searches each month for properties in those regions alone.”

It seems now is the time to act in order to snap up the prime investment opportunities and to realise the most attractive returns.

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