When you’re choosing to buy your ideal property in the South of Spain, you must bear in mind the main benefits of a brand-new home have advantages that are quite significant, like modern design living spaces and appliances, the latest technology for energy efficiency, low maintenance costs, and the desired experience of being the first owner of the property.

Buying off-plan allows you to save time to save more money and flexibility in payments. Another positive aspect that encourages many people to use this method is the choice of the best homes. Buying off-plan allows you to choose homes with privileged views and choose the ones that suit you best, as well as the choice of parking spaces, storage rooms, and flats with several bedrooms.

Penthouses and higher flats tend to be the favorites for buyers because of the views and less noise. As a general rule, high-rise flats are more expensive, so the price is positively influenced by the choice in advance. The advantages of buying off-plan do not end with the choice of the flat and the money, it also allows you to see the property as it is being built. This may seem obvious, but it is a positive thing, as in many turnkey homes it is necessary to carry out adaptation or restoration work according to the client's tastes. By being able to see the progress of the work we can correct and change anything if we don't like it.

Here on the Costa del Sol, we know how to choose the best locations to build property development using new technologies and new trends in materials and construction. Properties here are built focussing on the outside space and views, so you can enjoy the best weather on the Costa del Sol with many sunny days a year. This is why buying a newly built house is an excellent option.

At Siesta Homes we have the experience gained over the past twenty years, during which we have developed, built and delivered various projects, such as the award-winning property residential Oakhill Heights-

Siesta Homes is committed to individuality, recognizing that everyone has different tastes and needs for their home. We are passionate about developing unique lifestyle properties.

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